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Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010



01. green corn
02. the moron brothers
03. shower days
04. food, sex and ewe
05. just the flu06. el lay
07. new boobs
08. cheese
09. where's my slice?
10. together on the sand
11. brain constipation
12. gonoherpasyphlaids
13. i don't want you around
14. the malachi crunch

Review From Official Web

Once again we went back to west beach with Brett. This record took 12 days. For some reason we were playing a lot of chess during the recording. I swear every 20 minutes me and Brett would play a game of speed chess, and then mix another song. This record was important. It was the first nofx record that people actually liked. I think we finally got our sound. We took a little bad religion, di, rkl, and came up with the nofx sound. Now when we went on tour, people showed up and enjoyed themselves. It was weird. No one really liked us very much before. So right when we started getting popular, our guitarist Steve quit to join a rock band. Oh well, that's when we got El Hefe. This record sold 8000 copies the first year. That was a lot. Flipside liked this one.

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Review from me
dari album ini menurut saya musik mereka berubah dari album mereka..terlihat mereka mulai menemukan musik yang pas buat mereka..
kenapa NOFX tidak maen seperti sebelum album ini(dengan tempo fast dan tanpa variasi musik seperti ska, rege, etc) ada yang menjawab salahkan Bad Religion atas hal itu..saya rasa hal itu mungkin saja
overall menurut saya album ini lebih bagus daripada album sebelumnya..:D
Soal El hefe, ternyata dia baru bergabung di Band setelah NOFX melakoni tour setelah merilis ribbed, seperti disebutkan dibawah ini..

NOFX adjusted their sound for their 1991 Epitaph release, Ribbed. Epitaph invested heavily in NOFX, spending much time honing the vocals. Vocal harmonies reminiscent of Bad Religion found their way into the album which had cover art featuring a picture of a condom. In addition, NOFX released their first ballad on the innuendo-laden project. A song was even written about societies' false portrayals and facades throughout Southern California titled "New Boobs?" The group had achieved big-time punk status by this time and ventured once again to Europe along with The Leaving Train, Bad Religion, and Mudhoney. After the tour, an audition was held for a new guitar player because the previous guitarist departed for fear of falling into addictive druguse. Aaron Abeyta was so impressive on the guitar and trumpet that he was chosen as the new addition and given the name El Hefe, as he was the most skilled musician of the bunch.

2 komentar:

  1. ralat dikit bos..album pertama el-hefe di nofx adalah the longest line..dan dia sama sekali ga maen di album ini (ribbed)

  2. @agan novallica
    iya gan, ternyata ane salah baca yg dari official web mereka(maklum udah malam:p)
    ane ralat deh..
    yg bener tu abis mereka luncurin Ribbed dan touring, gitaris mereka si steve keluar dari band(katanya mau join ke suatu rock band, tapi katanya lagi karena dia takut jadi drugs addict)
    nah abis tour itu tepatnya mereka ngadain semacam audisi buat mencari guitaris baru, kepilih lah lah si hefe jadi guitaris yg baru..:D

    makasih om novallica buat koreksinya