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Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Insanely huge NOFX discography review posted

Insanely huge NOFX discography review posted

A dedicated fan, has posted a massive NOFX discography review spanning the band's entire catalog and 27 year livespan. The four part series looks kindly on controversial albums like 1991's Liberal Animation calling it a " truly notable achievement." but seems less fond of S&M Airliness. Of course, the review speaks well of the band's 1994 breakthrough Punk In Drublic noting "stupendous songwriting." It's worth noting that the writer looks at the intervening 7-inches and EPs including The Decline which it notes " beats Green Day to American Idiot's punch" Each segment also includes a discography "mix tape" to provide some musical context for the writing.

maksudnya ada fans berat dari NOFX yang mereview semua album dari awal NOFX kebbentuk ampe sekarang..
ane sendiri belom kelar bacanya..sumpah buanyak banget..berminat membaca ??

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